From There Is a Season   by Joan Chittister:

The answers are within you.  And so are the questions.  Your questions.  The questions no one can ask of you but you.  Everything else in the spiritual life is mere formula, mere exercise.  It is the questions and answers that rant within each of us that, in the end, are all that matter.  Then we get to know ourselves as no one else knows us.  Then we blush at what we see.  And lose our righteousness.  And come to peace.


From Practicing Peace by Catherine Whitmire:

Do I live as if I were aware of God’s presence at all times? How is my faith reflected in my daily life?

What trials in my current life might be able to be turned around by seeing them as challenges to love?

Does the pace of my life leave me time to pursue those activities that nurture my soul, my family, my community, and the planet?

What helps me resist the urge to fill the spiritual emptiness I sometimes feel with busyness or consumer goods?


From Dark Night Journey  by Sandra Cronk:

Contemporary Christians find that they face many of the same questions as the early hermits.  How does one find one’s true self? How can we learn to see what is illusory and what is real? How do certain elements in our society’s value structure block our ability to hear God’s call? What does it mean to live a life of prayer? How can we find a firm foundation on which to build our lives?        


From Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster:

What in our culture is in harmony with the gospel and what is at odds with it?   


What would I do if I were not afraid?   --Martha Mangelsdorf, quoted in Plain Living by Catherine Whitmire


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